OC, a registered trademark exclusively owned by TPV group, currently the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors and LCD screens, strengthens its presence in the Philippines with all-new widescreen LCD monitors showing off novel technical features and striking design innovations, and introducing AOC LCD Televisions in the market for the first time.

“AOC is dedicated in providing quality IT and entertainment experiences through its many products,” says Ms. Ula Ladrillo, Brand Manager of AOC Philippines “These include sleek and innovative design wide screen LCD monitors to maintain the no.1 market position in the market and the introduction of AOC LCD TVs”.

The Avio LCD monitor is said to be jack-of-all-trade with complete built-in digital entertainment gadgets. The AOC Avio offers premium picture quality for graphics-intensive applications. It comes with 3000:1(DCR) contrast ratio, which delivers exceptional image clarity, and 160-degree viewing angle to provide increased visibility from side viewpoints. Its response time is 5ms, a key feature that prevents fast moving objects from becoming blurred.

The New Lineup