Rhona Mitra as Lara Croft

Rhona Mitra's Lara Croft, photo from Ray's Net

I have a special place in my heart for Tomb Raider. It’s the first PC game I after graduating from the pixel-happy realm of Pacman, Tetris and Solitaire. It’s gone on a spree of sequels, crossed game console platforms, spawned a movie and the Wilson Tortosa-drawn comic book, and its protagonist Lara Croft has metamorphosed from the crudely animated geek’s digital wet dream material to the kick ass geeks’ mastrubation visual aid rendered with amazing graphics.

As we all know, outside of the Angeline Jolie (and her painfully horrible faux British accent) celluloid landscape, Eidos and Core have gotten models in the past to play real-life Laras in their marketing materials and promotional appearances . Most popular, perhaps, would be Rhona Mitra (who’s moved on to television and movies).



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Because nothing says “I’m a hardcore emo/goth/punk/thrasher/metalhead badass” more than a scar bearing a mouthless cartoon cat with a huge ribbon. As if the Hello Kitty tattoo wasn’t enough, this guy (yes, it’s a GUY) probably added the scar to emphasize his supposed awesomeness and oneness with the Kitteh.

He bade farewell to his chances of getting a normal job in this corporate world the day he decided he wanted the tattoo-scar combo. And the guyliner, long braided hair with multicolored curls are not helping either.