After much bullcrap we had to put up with from that cancer stick-manufacturing company that was supposedly putting one of Manila’s biggest bands back together for a reunion gig, we get an update regarding tickets, a new team behind it and new direction for the concert.



In a recent post on Markus Adoro‘s blog, he mentioned, among other things, a fleeting moment during the Eraserheads’ most recent rehersal. He started the post quoting Raymund Marasigan;

"last monday the eraserheads met and rehearsed for the first time. 

nobody new what to expect. it was a little uncomfortable since we havent
communicated for a long time. but im pleased to announce that the band
was playing better than i ever remembered. i guess we all did our
homework haha. 

i wont say how many songs we finished but it was a lot. there was a lot of drums and no drama. 


to which Markus responds,

"yeah, ganun nga nangyari, parang walang nangyare. hahaha. At one point
during the start of the rehearsal Ely smiled and looked at me and said
"Di ba "Futuristic" ang first song?". I requested for that song to be
the first song as a sort of inside inside joke pero kami lang yata
dalawa nakagets hehehe. So it was scratched and replaced with a more
deserving number. I have new gears na hindi ko pa napag-aaralan gamitin
so everything was stripped down to a clean sounding guitar at distorted
guitar. saka ko na iload yun mga jumbo jets."

I found this somewhere:

The original 4 in one big concert– by invitation only

August 8, 2008 Official statement of PMPMI:

The Eraserheads will be performing in a one-night only event as part of our Marlboro Red Nation promotions which we have been running for the past two years for our adult smokers.

PMPMI supports regulation of the manufacture, marketing and distribution of our products. This is why we supported the passage and implementation of the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.

We respect and will always comply with the law. We believe the event is permitted under the provisions of the law related to promotions. This is a by-invitation only event, restricted to adults and not open to the general public. Invites to our adult smokers will be distributed exclusively through an age-restricted website which is also permitted under the law. Invitations will also be reserved for our trade and business partners, and selected adult guests.

Public Affairs & Communications Manager